Take me out to the…

Wait…where am I? It is indeed the Nats Stadium, but actually I was there all day for a seminar given by the De Vos Arts Innovation and Management program, as participation in the cohort for Bloomberg Philanthropies. This particular seminar was focused on institutional and programmatic marketing. It was inspirational to say the least. It filled the brain and spirit with ideas and encouragement, but also made the brain hurt a bit with the possibilities. Neverless, spending a day dreaming about the potential to partnerships, engagement, awareness, and making difference for the In Series is time well spent. And I’m a sucker for a chance to dream about programming and its outreach potential.

The day ended with a intimate fundraising event for CulturalDC, which owns Source, our home. This event was to help raise funds to repairs to the building and we were all to happy to participate in this effort. Mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Mondragon performed with little ol’me at the piano (I even sang a few lines from Lakme…ye gads), and Marketing and Outreach Coordinator Cara Gonzalez and In Series Board President John Fitzgerald represented us among a group of trendsetting space makers.


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